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Welcome to Our Practice

Welcome to Dr. Kristie Chiropractic in Downtown Gretna, LA!

At Dr. Kristie Chiropractic, Dr. Kristie and her professional staff have been helping clients reach for and achieve personal health objectives in Gretna since 2015 (and, from our renovated downtown location since 2022) – without a need for surgery or medication.  

Dr. Kristie Chiropractic’s complementary therapies are available to patients of all ages who live in and around Gretna – including our practice’s specialization with clients who are pregnant as well as children, including newborns.

How Can Dr. Kristie Chiropractic Help?

As a family practice, our chiropractic services are available to assist in managing symptoms or conditions related to pain generated from your neck, mid back, lower back pain, and more.  The diverse assortment of chiropractic and complementary services that are often used in combination (to crate a synergistic or harmonious impact/result) meet a variety of needs created by -

- The result of a personal injury or trauma.
- A musculoskeletal condition causing pain or other uncomfortable symptoms.
- An injury caused by a car accident or vehicle collision/crash.
- An injury sustained playing sports or,
- A need-
    - To optimize your wellness.
    - Maintain a top-level performance in athletics.
    - Maintain flexibility and strength as you age.

Services offered by Dr. Kristie

Dr. Kristie also helps with personal injury and workers’ compensation situations.  And our Gretna-based practice also welcomes student and college athletes.

We have a diversified practice that utilizes full body and extremity adjustments and manipulations. Treatment options include -

- Digital X-Ray system with the capability to determine leg length discrepancy.
- Foot Levelers custom orthotics.
- Zyto Bio Scans.
- Metagenics.
- Natural supplements

Contact a Leading Gretna, LA, Chiropractor Today

As a leading chiropractic practice, clients recognize our commitment to the provision of exceptional care to meet each patient's unique needs and promote long-term, overall health and wellness.  

For more information on our available chiropractic and complementary services, contact a staff member of Dr Kristie Chiropractic at 504-636-6036, by email, or online.

Your Path to Wellness Begins.

A Better Experience

We are dedicated to providing our patients with high-quality care so that they receive the best service possible in Downers Grove.

Quality Services

The team is trained and knowledgeable about the latest tools, and techniques.

Individual Approach

I focus on creating customized plans for each of our patients based on their individual needs.

  • Love Dr. Kristie and her dolls!! Always leave feeling a little better physically and mentally!

    - Jordan V.
  • Been with Dr.Kristie for yrs and wouldn't have it any other way ,she gave me my life back .I love I don't need pains meds.to get me through my pain cus God lead me to Dr Kristie and I Thank her everyday for her blessings. Dr.Kristie and her staff will be in my life forever.I recommend Dr Kristie 100percent

    Show More - LInda C.
  • Dr. Kristie is truly amazing at what she does! The commute from metairie is beyond worth it!! She is a life saver!!! The staff is always there to greet you with warm hospitality. This place has become a second home for me ! Love these women!!!!

    - Tracey F.
  • I absolutely loved this place! They did x-rays to help see where my problem areas were. Every time I came in the staff was lovely and I had a nice time waiting in their massage chairs. Dr. Kristie always was super thorough and made me feel comfortable! I am sad to have moved because I don’t know if I will find anyone with these awesome standards of care.

    Show More - Jordan Van O
  • I was scared at first to see a chiropractor. After talking with the staff on the phone, I felt so much better. They answered all my question very patiently. After seeing the great relationship with this clinic and their patients I knew I made the right decision. Since I’ve been seeing her my back has felt so much better without needing pain medicine from my doctor. I can move better without the pain. You’re not just a patient here, you’re family!!

    Show More - Jessica B.
  • Absolutely LOVE Dr. Kristie and her amazing staff. I suffer with chronic back pain from degenerative disc disease as well as a pinched nerve. I've tried physical therapy, medications, etc. with no lasting results. Thinking that I had nothing to lose, I decided a few years ago to take the advice of a friend and try Dr. Kristie.  Of course I was nervous, but Dr. Kristie and her staff were so kind in easing my worries and walking me through the process that I knew right away I could trust them.  Here we are a few years later, and though I still suffer with some pain (depending on my level of activity at that time), I know that a visit or 2 to Dr. Kristie will get me functioning and living my life again. So if you think you've tried everything for your back or neck pain, and you haven't tried a visit to a chiropractor yet, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you give Dr. Kristie a try!

    Show More - Robyn B.
  • The literal best chiropractor I have ever had. She is not only amazing at the practice but is also very kind and caring. The professionalism and results are incomparable with an absolutely delightful staff. This is the only place I go to anymore and I highly recommend.

    - Forida S.

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